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It is a Mocktest website for NEET aspirants. By subscribing to our website A NEET Aspirant can test his preparation frequently by taking mock tests on the website and be aligned with his preparation. There are 60,000+ questions on our website and will be updating the questions frequently. So after subscribing to BlueInk mock test website there is no need for any other MCQ books to solve.
Yes, it is just a mock test website. We don't conduct any online classes or do provide study material.
We follow an in-house designed, tested, and proven method called the RAP strategy.
RAP is a Reverse Approach Preparation strategy. In this method, we inculcate a habit in a student, of frequently analyzing his study method by taking tests every time he reads a chapter. This method helps in developing the intuition and mindset required for competing in National level Exams like NEET. The more mistake student does on a test, the more aware he becomes. And the Final Exam becomes a cakewalk.
1. It has Chapter-wise and Year-wise(Full Syllabus) Mock tests.
2. It shows chapter-wise & year-wise graphical representations of students' performance and detects weak subjects and chapters.
3. Probability indicator which detects students' probability of Getting a Medical seat.
4. Instant Whatsapp doubt clarification.
BlueInk's website has 2 sections of mock tests, chapter-wise, and year-wise mock tests.
1. chapter-wise mock test: Here students can take the mock test by selecting a subject and chapters. There will be unlimited questions with no repetition.
2. Year-wise mock test: It's a full syllabus mock test and a student can take the mock test by selecting in the drop-down menu.
Based on students' performance in the mock tests, our system analyses the results and tells in which subject the student is weak and in which particular chapter he is weak.
It's an indicator where based on students' performance in both chapters and year-wise mock tests our system detects students' probability of clearing exams or getting a medical seat.
It's a unique feature where a student can clarify his doubts by contacting with subject expert over WhatsApp instantly.
No time limit, the Student can contact us whenever he wants to 24/7. Subject experts may reply immediately or the maximum wait period is 15mins.
By subscribing to BlueInk’s Subscription Plans. There are 4 plans with different features for each plan.
1. Basic(Monthly)
2. Standard( 3months)
3. Premium(6 months)
4. Premium Plus(Yearly)
For more details log on to the subscription page on the website.